EKYL opened an Energy Poverty Alleviation Office in Tallinn


EKYL opened a Local Energy Poverty Alleviation Office in Tallinn under the scope of the POWERPOOR initiative. The office is located in the city centre of Tallinn, in the premises of the main office of EKYL.

The Energy Poverty Alleviation Office is a focal point for energy poverty-related issues, where an interested individual can find information about energy poverty, identify whether they suffer from the phenomenon, and get advice on low-cost energy efficiency measures, funding schemes, and/or behavioral changes that can enhance their energy efficiency. The office will disseminate various information materials in the Estonian language, such as relevant leaflets and brochures, and engage different stakeholders, including local authorities, in thematic events and public discussions.

The office:

  • communicates the benefits of implementing energy efficiency interventions and installing renewable energy sources;
  • encourages people to engage in more energy-efficient behaviors, practices, and habits;
  • builds a network of Energy Supporters and Mentors that will support energy-poor citizens in Estonia;
  • promotes the use of the Energy Poverty Mitigation Toolkit (and how this can help citizens reduce energy consumption).

The visitors can have a free consultation on their energy consumption from an energy expert, who helps to identify if they are at risk of energy poverty and gives recommendations for energy efficient living. Representatives of apartment associations can obtain instructions for energy-efficient renovations and the installation of renewable energy solutions for large housing estates.

The office is located in Tallinn, but the vision is to organize pop-up office days also in other POWERPOOR pilot cities in Estonia: Tartu, Pärnu, and Kuressaare.

Please contact to make a reservation for your visit (the office will be open for visitors beginning on February 9th):

Energy Poverty Alleviation Office in Tallinn
The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations
Sakala 23A, II floor

The main aim of POWERPOOR initiative is to support programmes/ schemes for energy poor citizens and encourage the use of alternative financing schemes (e.g. establishing energy communities / cooperatives, crowd funding). POWERPOOR will facilitate experience and knowledge sharing, as well as the implementation of small-scale energy efficiency interventions and the installation of renewable energy sources, increasing the active participation of citizens. The POWERPOOR project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 890437.