Handbook of best practices: social and affordable housing


To set Europe on a path to climate neutrality by 2050, it is crucial to accelerate the renovation of the building stock while preserving social fairness and affordability. Certainly, the energy transition promoted through the Renovation Wave needs to go beyond energy-efficient renovation alone. It needs to be about values and resilient communities, turning former no-go areas into places people are proud to live in; about providing decent affordable homes in places where people reach their full potential; and an opportunity to change from the linear to a circular system thinking approach. Projects with wider and long-term returns deserve to be recognised and further promoted.

Within this remit, escalating from the building to the neighbourhood or district level is becoming a necessary strategy not only to benefit from the economies of scale and attract larger investments, but also as the suitable scale to involve residents in co-managing the process of building cohesive, thriving communities.

The Handbook seeks to stretch the imagination of what is possible, create a new appetite to renovate better, and tap into a new level of ambition. It is the first step to help local partnerships look at their renovation projects from multiple angles and follow suit and go the extra mile in terms of technological, process, or social innovation, thus opt for delivering ‘lighthouse districts’ themselves.

Read more from the website of SHAPE-EU: https://shape-affordablehousing.eu/handbook-of-best-practices/

Download the handbook here: HANDBOOK Delivering-Affordable-Housing-Lighthouse-Districts-in-Europe

The European Affordable Housing Consortium, SHAPE-EU is the point of reference for a socially-inclusive Renovation Wave and New European Bauhaus. Together with communities and experts on the ground, 10 dedicated partners are shaping the envisaged by the EU Affordable Housing Initiative 100 lighthouse projects by creating blueprints for a just energy transition with affordability and liveability at its heart.  The European Affordable Housing Consortium, SHAPE-EU project has received funding from the European Union’s Single Market Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101069909