KredEx launches Soviet-era apartment block refurbishment scheme


State credit agency KredEx is offering up to one million euros in support for refurbishment of Soviet-era apartment blocks. KredEx will also oversee the refurbishment work, which will involve prefabricated units being installed in buildings and including roofing and even external walls.

The work should modernize the appearance of standard design apartment buildings, particularly ageing Soviet-era apartment blocks in Tallinn and Tartu, with the Mustamäe, Oismäe and Lasnamäe districts (Tallinn) and Annelinn (Tartu) specifically mentioned, but buildings nationwide will be eligible.

The aid is aimed at smaller, five-storey apartment buildings built primarily in the 1960s, sometimes referred to as “Khrushchyovkas”, after Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader of the time, as opposed to the taller blocks built in the 1970s and 1980s in many of the same districts. “Khrushchyovkas” make up a significant share of the 14,000 apartment buildings in currently in need of reconstruction, BNS reports, but which only require refurbishment work, rather than demolition.


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