Housing Evolutions Hub


Housing Europe has launched Housing Evolutions Hub, that highlights the latest innovations in the field of social, public, affordable and responsible housing. Additionally, it provides a European-wide platform for communities of experts and practitioners to share and learn from innovation challenges that are crucial to enhance and promote their housing objectives.

Housing Evolutions Hub forum dicussions
The Housing Evolutions Hub is mapping and showcasing the best examples in our sector in terms of innnovations in different field. In addition, the Hub also offers the possibility for users to engage with each other around different topics. We are inviting all Housing Europe members and partners to join and contribute actively to the different conversations that will arise through the different thematic forums.  

In order to access the forums, each user needs to register through this form.
This will give you access to open forums for all the users (Housing Europe members and others) and private forums open only to Housing Europe members. These last forums will be used for instance for surveys and to address specific questions that helps Housing Europe develop its position in Brussel. We hope this new tool will re-inforce the links with experts and make it possible to continue informal discussion within a virtual community. 

The ‘Housing Evolutions Hub’ has responsive design, which means it adapts to your screen resolution. Would you like to add the ‘Housing Evolutions Hub’ as a shortcut on your smartphone or tablet so that you can access it as you do with your regular apps? You may follow these practical instructions.

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