SET-Plan Conference, 13-15 November

The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) was established to accelerate the transformation of the European energy system and to bring new low-carbon energy technologies to market. It identifies actions for research and innovation throughout the whole innovation chain. SET-Plan conferences offer an opportunity for decision-makers, researchers and stakeholders to get together and evaluate the progress made towards achieving the SET-Plan’s goals.

This year, the conference will focus on research and innovation in the energy sector to enhance European industrial leadership.


10th Baltic Housing Conference, 17 April 2019

The 10th Baltic Housing Conference will take place on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. It is organized by the Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations (EKYL).

To take stock of current progress in Baltic housing, we will gather a select group of representatives of key stakeholders: state authorities, financial institutions, service providers, housing associations. Incorporating a wide range of perspectives, the conference will look in more detail at innovation in multi-family housing and apartment associations – the challenge but also a great potential for further development of housing in the region. AGENDA

European Summer School for young professionals 2019, 15-18 July

Each year, 25-30 young people from all over Europe come to Bochum to discuss current challenges of the social housing sector with academic experts and experienced practitioners. What will cities look like in the future? How will urban life become sustainable? Is “Smart City” just a buzzword or does it lead us towards a digitized way of living? How can we make sure that the digital transition does not leave a significant number of people behind? These and many other questions will be discussed in the 2019 edition of the European Summer School.


2nd International Social Housing Festival in Lyon, 4-8 June 2019

Our Planet, our Cities, our Homes

Following the inaugural edition hosted by the city of Amsterdam and the international housing scene with 1,300 participants attending 45 events over 9 days, the International Social Housing Festival will be traveling to Lyon in summer 2019 to build upon this success. Making the link between the homes we live in, the cities we inhabit and the overall quality of life for, the ISHF 2019 will aim through a series of diverse events on the one hand to highlight the importance of access to decent housing for all, while on the other hand to celebrate the long tradition of public, cooperative and social housing across the globe and recognise the need to adapt our systems to meet current and future housing challenges as the human and economic costs of neglect grows.


RETROFIT EUROPE! SBE19 NL Conference, 5-6 November 2018, Eindhoven

Retrofitting 250 million homes to 0-energy performance housing in Europe
– What does it mean to be fit for the future? –

World leading International Sustainable Built Environment Conferences proudly invites you to the “SBE19 NL” conference from 5-6 November 2018 (2-day Conference) and 7 November 2018(Field Excursions) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. SBE19 NL is the first conference in Europe of the 2019-2020 cycle of international conferences on Sustainable Built Environment, where innovation meets market and taking place with a head start from
5-7 November 2018!


Student Competition

Europe has to bring down its CO2 emissions, fast. For the Built environment one of the main challenges is to how to transform existing housing, to perform very low or even 0-energy for operational demand. This is explored in a range of projects both in practice and in research. Among these the EU H2020 project ‘More Connect’ This 3-year research project explores and develops prefab retrofit packages for 5 climate zones and housing types. The results will be presented during the project’s closing conference in November 2018

The results and pilots explored are not suitable for all house types or every climate zone. And there is room for improvement overall: of concepts, of details, or performance, either in energy or in costs. That’s why More Connect’s partners support a competition among students to find additional, improved or new solutions for the housing market.

3rd Affordable Housing Forum: Towards new Cultures of Affordable Housing?

The Affordable Housing Forum of ETH CASE Centre for Research on Architecture, Society & the Built Environment invites submissions to its 2018 conference, taking place on 12 and 13 November, at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). The Forum brings together researchers, architects, planners and housing professionals to stimulate knowledge exchange between young and established experts across different sectors and geographies. In addition to a panel on the affordable housing challenge of Luxemburg, different thematic panels will be grouped around our four research themes: People, Plans, Provision and Policy.


Study visit to Barcelona, 25-26 September

The European Federation for Living (EFL) and Barcelona’s Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation (IMHAB) are planning a two-day study visit, September 25-26, to the city of Barcelona to discuss, learn, and exchange ideas on housing policies relevant to all European countries. This study visit hopes to generate an exchange of experience and good practice between Barcelona and the member countries of EFL. The visit, should there be enough interest expressed to actually take place, will include a site visit to market units temporarily used as social housing, discussions on housing association models, including the new Metròpolis Habitatge developed by Barcelona’s Municipal Government and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) as a public-private partnership, co-housing and cooperative housing schemes, and a site visit to a local housing cooperative.