Welcome to Tallinn – the Housing Capital of Europe!

A century-old building is as dignified as a hundred year old state: built on a solid foundation, protected from external forces, it has wind-proof windows and a proper roof.

In a year of 100. anniversary of the Republic of Estonia it is a honor for Tallinn to carry the title of European Capital of Housing for a week this summer, hosting the most influential housing associations like Housing Europe, UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management and Co-operative Housing International.

Tallinn as an initiator of the Covenant of Mayors has decided to make effort to win the Award of European Green Capital and for that purpose it has focused on environment-friendly and resource-saving housing policy.

The keywords are modern, innovative renovation solutions, search for digital energy efficiency. The future belongs to resource-saving and energy efficiency with the help of alternative energy sources.

In cooperation with Tallinn Energy Agency we opened up quite recently the first Tallinn municipally-owned solar power plant on the roof of a office building that belongs to the city.

I wish you all high-spirited ideas that value homes and the environment in building of the future cities.

Taavi Aas
The Mayor of Tallinn


Greetings from the future!

At the conference “Livability & Affordability in the Digitized City”, we are talking about the future of cities – the space and environment around us, but, of course, also how we ourselves, people, live in  it. Whether we ride or walk, how much we work or rest, whether we breathe in clean air or exhaust fumes…  What technological changes are waiting for us ahead and how does it change my life and yours, the life of our children and parents?

A lot has been said about changes in the recent years. Home is no longer just a roof over your head, but also a place where you should feel  fine and well. Almost  700 houses across Estonia have entered a new era of healthy indoor climate and energy efficiency with the national support for renovation. Estonia has been recognized and acknowledged in Europe for renovating eagerly.  We are happy to share our experience to everybody who are interested. People from far and near come here to learn.  However, we would not be able to do it without strong apartment associations, which take the lead in reconstructing. This year a new law of apartment ownership and apartment association was adopted in Estonia, which shows Estonia at the forefront again. With this law, apartment associations were established across the country. On the 100th anniversary of Estonia, we became a republic of apartment associations. Together, we can achieve that, also in a hundred years’ time, our homes will be a good place to live.

Future will not be born elsewhere than just here and now, in the decisions made and the actions taken today. The price we and our descendants will have to pay for the mistakes may be unacceptably high. Today’s decisions and promises, as well as new opportunities for a sustainable life, will create a better tomorrow.  So – here and now, greetings from the future!

 Andres Jaadla
Chairman of the Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations

Photo Andres Jaadla